It’s Not the Big Things That Kill a Business!

Well, that might be an overstatement, you could suck at being a photographer and then that would be a big thing that killed your photography business.  Typically though,  it’s not the larger things we worry about that hurt our businesses, it is the small details that we miss or overlook repeatedly that in the end hurt our businesses the most.  Right now everyone is worried about two things, the economy and the competition from fewer clients and from the untrained masses, but those are two things that are completely out of your control.  It’s kind of like the three guys that were in the mountains and saw a bear charging at them, the first guy froze and couldn’t move, the second guy yelled out  “help”, the third guy sat down to put on his tennis shoes.  Both guys looked at the guy putting on his tennis shoes and said, “You idiot, you can’t out run a bear!”  The guy putting on his tennis shoes responded, “I don’t have to out run the bear, I just have to out run one of you two!’  In business is not about out running the bear, it about your business being around to profit another day.  Winning at the game of business is about getting through today profitably, because TODAY is something you have control over!

You want to have a positive impact on your business TODAY, go through your website and put your phone number on every page so clients don’t have sit through a flash program and then navigate through pages simply to give your business a call!  Go through every piece of your marketing and remove every corning, “we are the best” statement and put down WHY you are the best choice or put your money where your mouth is and say, “YOU WILL LOOK BEAUTIFUL, GUARANTEED!”  You can’t argue with that and no other studio will do it because they are not confident enough in what they do!  They immediately think of all the not perfect people that they photograph and how they look horrid in their photos.  They subscribe to the PPA thinking of taking perfect portraits of perfect people, instead of showing before and after of each person for judging.  If you don’t know how to make unattractive people look attractive LEARN, that is another thing you can do to make a difference in your business Today! (my NEW BOOK Corrective Lighting and Posing 3rd Edition is an excellent choice!)

Details, details, go through your social media profiles and pages, make sure you have all of your contact information, including the area you serve.  So often I am interested to know where a photographer is from and I will look on their Facebook Business Page, it doesn’t say.  I then go to their website, it doesn’t say either.  If I am aggressively looking to find out where a photographer is from and can’t, do you think there is chance that a half interested potential client will?

Most photography businesses aren’t as profitable as they could be, not because of the economy or competition, it’s because so many photographers think that good photography will save our business and it won’t.  Photography is a product, a product that there is a marketing for, but it is your business that sells your photography.  No photographer wants to hear that, but it’s true and a lesson that every business owner must learn.  Chef’s think it’s all about the food, right up until they lose their first restaurant, then they learn that profit is King, creative is Queen and ideas that you learn in a class room or lecture that don’t sell and/or profit your business are like the goofy Court Jester that get you to waste your time doing some really dumb things!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 26, 2010.

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