Interweaving Your Content from Your Website and blog to Social Media

Social media, like all online avenues of marketing is about raising the awareness of your business in the minds of your potential clients.  Most photographers just start posting on social media without a plan of action or purpose.  They start posting pictures of clients (and tagging them), talking about their lives and the activities of their business.  But what is the purpose?  Are you trying to get client to visit your blog, your website or go to your Facebook page?  Once they have taken that first step; going to the first online resource, where are they directed after that?

Interweaving your content from blogs, Facebook Pages, PPC (pay-per-click advertising), even your website gives your social media friends and followers a clear path (or road to take) if they want more information.  For me, all content is generated in my blog, both for my studio clients and my photographer friends.  From the blog it goes out through Twitter, Facebook and My Space.  This allows clients and photographers to track back to my blog to get more information easily if they so desire.  From my blog, clients can get more information about doing business with my studio if they are ready to become a client by visiting my website or they can just review the content (which is always directed to them) and see portraits of their friends.

You must plan your posts to effectively use social media.  Too many people post too many personal things which is great for friendship and trust, but doesn’t create impressions of your business or raise the overall awareness of your business in the minds of your potential clients.  The flip side of that are the photographers that post nothing but advertisements of sales, specials or events and never build a personal relationship with those on social media.

If you think of your online marketing, like your offline marketing is much easier to understand.  You have to raise awareness of your business enough in the minds of potential clients  that when the need arises yours is the first photography business they think of.  To do this they must think of you as a photographer first, then a social media friend.  Every time they read your post and click over to your Facebook Page, Blog or website, it is another impression and a step closer to becoming your client.

For more on Social Media, you can download my new book Social Media Marketing for Photographers, with a 20 minutes video tutorial, Normally $20  this weekend $15!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 17, 2010.

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