Using Video and YouTube to Promote Your Photography Business

YouTube and using video to promote your business isn’t a new idea, but here are some ideas to make it worth the time you must invest.  First off there is no reason that a video be expensive to produce, a $120 Flip HD Video camera from Costco or Best Buy and the software you probably already have in your computer is all you need to create an “effective video”.  The key word here is effective, it has to produce results to make the time invested worthwhile.

From what I have seen, photographers make 4 very large and obvious mistakes.  First, they put too much time into the video for the possible marketing benefit.  Secondly, they make it too polished and too high-tech.  Third, they put a slide-show on video, they don’t produce a video.  Finally they make a video which features only one person.

Problem 1 and 2 are actually caused by number 2 and that is photographers trying to hard to make a video appear too polished.  Look at the videos on YouTube, the most popular videos have a home-made look and are not polished at all.  People in today’s world look at polished videos as commercials, not as something that would be entertaining to watch.  When we produce a video it is a combination of title slides, video with audio or voice-overs and stills, with simple dissolves between each segment or photo.  That’s it!

Problem number 3 is really a bone-headed mistake when you think about it.  Video can bring to life the excitement and fun that goes on in the average session, followed by the retouched images to showcase your work.  To reduce that potential to a slide-show with only still images is a huge mistake.  Show the girl walking up with her fifteen outfits, show her putting on her make-up or having it done, show her and her friend talking as you show her the pose, then show her in doing the pose and finally show finished images.  This is will create as much excitement as possible in your video and about your business.

Problem 4, featuring only one girl in a video.  I must admit, I have done this one myself, but it is a mistake.  The more people featured in a video the more people you can tag in the video on Facebook and the more people who will watch it.  If every person has an average of 25 people who are interested enough to watch a video which they are in (25 is an easy number to work with) then logically if one person is the video you will have 25 people who will watch your video.  You have 6 people featured in a video and you have multiplied your viewing audience by 6, not bad!

For more ideas for online marketing, look at my new book, Social Media Marketing For Photographers which is down-loadable with a 20 minute video tutorial for $20


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 14, 2010.

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