Are You Getting Results from Your Social Media?

Everyone is using Social Media to market to their clients, but are you getting the results you want for the time you have to invest?  I get many emails from photographer who are frustrated with their return on investment or the time they invest for the business benefit they see.  A great deal of this aggravation comes from the fact this is a newer avenue of marketing.  Every photographers seems to be using it and talking about it, but very few are taking the time to study how to get results.  Don’t get me wrong, it is great interacting with my potential clients, current clients and photographer friends, but that isn’t using social media for marketing, that it’s using it for social interaction.

Social Media for marketing gives us the ability to build trust in potential client because of the relationship style of this marketing medium.  With that being said, without a focus on sales and converting passive social ‘friends’ into functioning studio clients, there is no “business” benefit to using social media.  This requires a strategy of interacting with potential clients, while introducing them to the benefits of doing business with your company. Potential clients are funneled through your online marketing which social media is an important part of, but usually can’t be used exclusively without other online marketing strategies to convert social friends to studio clients.

While you must interweave information about your business into your posts, events and messages, you cannot constantly send out sales messages.  There are photographers on Facebook that send out one marketing message after another while having one event after another.  This ruins the relationship nature of social media marketing.  You look conspicuously like a spammer and someone who no one wants to be a friend of.  Twitter is full of business people like this.  One post after another trying to drag their followers into their website.  They have the selling finesse of a used car salesmen that hasn’t made a sale in really long time.

This is the reason I wrote my new book Social Media Marketing for Photographers. I discuss, in detail how to convert a potential client into a paying client on about 3 hours a week!  The book is down-loadable and comes with a 20 minute Video Tutorial for $20  You can download the book and video or read a sample of the book at:

If you are going to use social media for marketing it must give you a return on your time invested, because as always, “the bottom line, is the bottom line”.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 10, 2010.

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