To Be Successful You Must Send Some Business Away!

With the economy and the increased competition in our profession some photographers are,  for a lack of a better word, acting desperate!  We all know that there are jobs and/or clients that are not worth the time and aggravation to work with.  Those are the jobs and clients we refer to our colleagues!  But when times get a little tight, we all have the tendency to start accepting jobs and working with people we know we shouldn’t.

Your studio works in a certain way because you have set it up to be a manageable business.  You set up hours of operation, standards of business and policies to make your business a functioning enterprise.  When you, or you and your staff decide to make a changes in your business procedures to adapt to change (in competition, economy or changing buyer tastes) this is a good thing in the evolution of your business.  If you ignore your normal business practices to do business with one particular client or accept one specific job you are acting out of desperation.

The problem with acting out of desperation is that it is obvious to those clients that insist you change the rules ‘just for them’ and once you ignore the rules once for them, it becomes much easier to ignore your business policies (and common sense) again and a again and again.  You start off ignoring the business policies one time and before you know it you are sitting at your studio for the 3rd viewing appointment at 9pm on a Sunday Night only to be told, “we just can’t make a decision tonight, we are going to have to come back, how about we meet back here on Thanksgiving in the Evening, the whole family will be here then!”

You cannot be successful or have a long-term business by working with every client that calls or walks through your door.  When a client wants you to break your company policies ‘just for them’ they have typically identified themselves as a client you should, in all probability send to a colleague!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 6, 2010.

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