Facebook, don’t forget to get the Mothers/Grandmothers as Friends!

Last week  I photographed a young lady that had just turned 13.  A little younger than our typical client (high school seniors) but we do many sessions of younger students for 8th grade graduations, sweet sixteen, etc.  This portrait was taken for no other reason than the mother realized her little girl was growing up and wanted a portrait taken.  After the session was over I asked the girl if she was on Facebook, as I do with every session.  The girl replied she was but didn’t use it very often.  The mother spoke up and said she was on Facebook all the time.  I asked them to send me a message to remind of their session date and I would tag some images of her.

The mother sent a message that afternoon, I sent 4 images to be edited for Facebook.  The next day I tagged the images to the MOTHER, with our very large, very visible logo on the front of each one and tagging myself in each photo as well.  The mother went crazy when she saw the edited images.  She started tagging all of her family and friends in those 4 portraits.  By the time she was done there were over 80 names tagged to each of portraits and over 60 comments made about the beauty of the portraits or our studio or both.  You can’t pay for advertising like this!

While younger clients like images and will share them with their closest friends, they lack the nerve to re-tag your images 80 times so everyone they know can see them, but a proud mother doesn’t!  Mothers and even grandmothers play an important part in our social media marketing as premium portraits for younger people are turning from an expected part of their senior year to a birthday/Christmas present in many struggling families!  Moral to the story, ask every mother of any younger client to become your friend and send them a few portraits from their child’s or grandchild’s session and see what they do!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 6, 2010.

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