Full Length Posing Simplified

Posing a client in a full length pose is always much more difficult because there are obviously more body parts to control.  In a standing full length pose the legs become the most important element because they make up the foundation of the pose.  Posing the legs really isn’t as difficult as many young photographers make it.  You have two legs, one leg is the support leg.  It’s purpose, to keep the client from falling down and for all of the weight of the body to be on that one support leg.  Even in a sitting pose,  one leg or foot needs to be the support leg and “ground” the subject.  Without at least one foot touching the floor in a seated pose the feeling is almost child-like, which most of the time isn’t the look a grown woman is going for.

With one leg being the support leg, to ground and/or support the body, the other leg is the accent leg.  The accent leg is the “showy” leg that adds a bit of elegance to what would be a static position if the accent leg also supported the body’s weight.  The only rule for the accent leg is that it can not mirror the support leg and it can not support body weight.  You can cross it over, extend it out, bend it back at the knee, but again it can not support body weight or mirror the support leg.

By keeping this simple idea in mind as you pose your clients you will improve their appearance and reduce the static look in your posing.  For simplified posing idea look for my book, Posing a Head to Toe Guide, Corrective Lighting and Posing and Outdoor Posing.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on April 5, 2010.

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