New rules for Advertising and Marketing of Professional Photography

Advertising rates in all mediums continue to rise as number of impressions, circulations and market saturation continue to fall.  There are some photographers that spend more on their mall display than the rent on the studio!  And this is a time when the average consumer pays less and less attention to the messages you spend a small fortune to expose them to.  The last year we did direct mail advertising our response rate dropped over 60%.

Our society is changing in the way in which they are willing to receive information about the products and services they intend to purchase, especially services that are more expensive.  Potential clients are relying more on the recommendations of  people they know and the research they conduct online.  I used to save mailers and ads for services that I might have a need for, but now when something comes in the mail that I don’t have an immediate need for I throw it away, because I realize I will never be able to find it when there is a need and when I do want something I will search for it online.

Online marketing is becoming more important than ever before and since it is new type of marketing it is important to use sound marketing principles online that applied offline.  I see the way some photographers design their websites, blogs, PPC ads and it is no purpose advertising that doesn’t follow any known principles of marketing.  There are photographers that hide their phone number and direct everyone to email on anything online….why?  Why make it hard for your client to hire you?

Social Media is the New Hot topic, but so many photographers are using it in such peculiar ways.  Either they bore their social friends to death with every mundane things that happens in their life (that might work for Oprah, but your not Oprah!) or they blast one advertising special or event after another earning the title of “spammer”.  In my new book SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS, which is download for $20, I guide you through the process of social media and online marketing.  I explain how to interweave your social media with other online resources and then coordinating all of your online marketing with your offline marketing to increase your effectiveness.   I decided to make this book down-loadable because this type of marketing is evolving so quickly I wanted to be able to update the information as trends change.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 31, 2010.

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