Why do some Photographers design websites that make it so hard for clients to use?

Each day I receive many friend requests on Facebook and I will click on some of the websites of my new Facebook Friends to see who they are and where they are located.  While some site are beautifully designed, some site are so focused on design, they have no functionality.  I often can’t find the area in which these photographers are located or any other information for that fact.  The only option is to send them an email!

I often come across websites that explain I have to allow pop-ups for their website to function.  Why would anyone make it hard for a potential client to gather the information they want to make a buying decision for a design feature?  Would you send out a mailer without your logo, phone number, address and hours of operation listed on it?  Would you send an email advertisement that required a certain or special software to open it?  Wouldn’t you dramatically cut down on the effectiveness of your advertising?  Why then wouldn’t you make your website as ‘user friendly’ as possible?  If anyone clicks on your website they should be able to get all the information they need no matter how old of computer they have or how un-computer savvy they are.  Put your phone number on every page, a beautiful static portrait can have as much impact as a flash slide-show, especially if the slide-show keeps even one client from getting the information they want.  Functionality is much more important than design!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 30, 2010.

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