Generation Procrastination, Tomorrow is the New Today!

“Why do today, what can be put off until tomorrow?”  Everyone claims to be so busy they don’t have time to take care of things today, that need to be taken care of, so it gets moved to tomorrow, but why?  We live in a society that has every modern convenience and yet people blame their procrastination on “bus-y-ness”.  In the modern world in which we live, we don’t cook anymore, we go through the drive through window and our waistlines show it,  we have automatic bill pay, automatic deposit for our payroll checks, online buying so we don’t have to even leave our homes and yet everyone claims to have more things to do than time to do them.

We have day-care centers for a children, Merry-Maids for our houses, gardeners or riding lawn mower, Roundup for our weeds, car washes to wash our cars, elevators or escalators (far be it for us fat Americans to take the stairs!), we have grocery stores on every corner, which we really don’t need since we don’t cook, but we do need somewhere to buy our chips, ice cream and Twinkies, we have pay at the pump when buying our gas, debit cards so we don’t even need to count our money or make change, auto-door locks so we don’t have to use keys, next day shipping, courier services, email to get message instantly, digital cameras so we don’t have to develop film and wait to see the images… why are we so busy again?

I hear people say, “I worked 12 hours today” but did they really?  Our did they spend 3 of those hours checking and fiddling with their email, on social media, maybe doing a little online shopping or delving into the dark side of the internet.  I know people that actual have a second-life online when their first real-life is a complete train-wreck, because they squander their time away with things like second-life.  There are people that will forget appointments, anniversary’s and birthdays of those that are important to them but never, ever forget to check their email every thirty minutes.  People don’t lack time they lack focus.  The fragmented mind of the average person is thinking about everything and not accomplishing anything.  Many people squirrel themselves away to do the unimportant and take care of what’s important only when there is a “fire to put out”.   When you get the 24 hour notice, then you will turn off the computer or change the program and pay the bill.  When your wife is yelling about the fact she has ask you three times to do something, then you will come out of second-life to actually do something in your first life!

Turn your computer off during the day, hell turn your cell phone off.  Modern technology is killing our time because we don’t use it to our benefit.  We play and fiddle and look for any reason to use it.  If you think this isn’t true, tell me the last phone call you had on your cell phone that was truly important, like a child needed help, a spouse had an “actual” crisis, your parents had ‘fallen and could get up!”   Texting has taken the everyday, mundane occurrences and made them a reason to bother someone, (but you can’t tell someone they are bothering you because they won’t like it when you bother them with your mundane text!)  You want to get things done, turn off everything, eliminate the noise and concentrate on the most important tasks, get them done, then you can go onto second-life because your first life will be in order!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 30, 2010.

One Response to “Generation Procrastination, Tomorrow is the New Today!”

  1. Excellent post and a great reminder.

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