PPC, pay-per-click can be effective for advertising!

PPC can be an effective way to advertise, provided you use sound marketing and advertising principles.  You must understand what you are advertising and who you are advertising to.  Many of the PPC ads I see have no purpose and no point.  They don’t identify who they are as a business or who should click on the ad.  Many PPC ads don’t even include the name of the studio or phone number. For every click on your ad you will have hundreds and often thousands of impressions, without your studio’s name each impression of your PPC ad does your business no good.

Most ads I see don’t identify who should click on the ad.  Are you advertising to brides, families, seniors or the parent of small children?  That should be in the headline or copy to identify who should click on the ad.  The photo should obviously identify who should click on the ad, as well as have a large enough facial size to have an impact and make your ad noticeable.  In the tests we have done photographs with a larger facial size will have 2 to 3 times the clicks as a full length pose with a smaller facial size.

PPC is not effective as an awareness type of advertising, meaning that you can’t just put “Yazoo City Photographer” trying to get everyone that might be looking for a photographer.  Think about the amount of research you do when you are making a larger purchase.  Do you simply see a PPC ad which directs you to their website and make the buying decision?  Most of your current clients were exposed to multiple positive impressions of your business with the final impression being your PPC, ad, mailer or post that they received when they had a need for a portrait to be taken.  PPC works best, (just like any advertising) when it is directed to those who have had positive impressions of your studio already.  This is why we use PPC on Facebook, as opposed to ads on Google.  Most of our targeted market on Facebook has a higher number of positive impression of our studio and a greater likelihood of clicking through to become our client.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 26, 2010.

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  1. Hi Jeff, Is any of email address that I can contact with you for your books right in Chinese.

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