If there is a Better Business Bureau, Why is the No Better Customer Bureau

Think about it, maybe I just didn’t get enough sleep and are a little cranky,  but if any person can complain about your business to the Better Business Bureau, shouldn’t they at least keep track of who is complaining?  You know that probably 80% of the overall complaints come from only 20% of the population (or less).  Shouldn’t they at least post the number of complaints each person complaining has made in the past 12 months so you can see if the person really has a problem or just likes to complain!

Why do they never asks students to grade teachers on their effort and citizenship?  Why do the great teachers that impact so many lives in a positive way make no more money than the crappy teachers that impact so many lives in a negative way?

Why do employees have a Labor Board, but employers have no Employers Board.  If you miss one penny of overtime you will be fined, but if the surfs up and Biff wants to go surfing rather than come to work and his absence causes you to lose thousands of dollars in business, there is nothing you can do.  You can’t even legally tell of his poor work history when his next possible employer calls for a reference!

Why do we have a very intelligent man as President that keeps trying to pass a health care package that anyone who is smart enough to balance a checkbook knows we can not afford?  This is like the guy with a big heart writing a $10,000 check for relief in Haiti, with no money in the bank, it’s a noble effort, but with no money, the check and the effort are worthless.  And doesn’t it stand to reason that if we have to borrow money to pay for health care today, won’t we have to borrow more money in the coming years as our population grows?

Is common sense that rare of a commodity that we continue to put up with the complainers (otherwise known a “crap-magnets” because complaining attracts crap into your life!) the slackers, the thinking that showing up and doing a good job are the same thing and having a government that hasn’t learned what it’s citizen have and that is to live within your means, because it doesn’t matter what you think you should have or do, you don’t spend your tomorrows, today!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “If there is a Better Business Bureau, Why is the No Better Customer Bureau”

  1. AMEN !!! well said

  2. I’ve been thinking the same thing…you need to start a facebook group for this! I’ll be the first one to join.

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