Maximize the Impact of Your Facebook Posts and Ads

Facebook has given photographers a huge opportunity to reach and influence their target market.  Since this is a newer form of marketing many photographers are attempting to market through Facebook without carefully thinking through what they are doing.  I still see photographer’s studio ads in my profile from all over the country.  Even if I, as a photographer, wanted a portrait done, I probably wouldn’t go from California to North Carolina to have it done.

You pay for every click, so you have to target your advertising message to only reach the exact people you are trying to reach in YOUR AREA. When you set up your ads, Facebook gives you the ability to select age, gender, specific areas, as well as interests to target your advertising message.  Give the person clicking a reason to click as well as enough information to identify if they have an interest or are just curious and costing you $.60 for the click.  Headlines like Yazoo City Photographer has many people clicking that are just bored or curious.  A headline like Family Sessions $5000, qualify your ‘clickers’ although you might want to come down on the price of your sessions in this economy!

Logos on final portraits need to be simple and not too noticeable, but on Facebook your logo on any photos needs to be large and noticeable.  Don’t use translucent lettering, turn it white with a drop shadow to make it stand out.  Many photographers put their website address diagonally across each portrait, but it is too long to be visible in all the small thumbnail images. Also, websites addresses don’t always clearly identify the studio. When you tag an image to a person make sure to tag yourself on each image, so each time someone views that image they see your name.

Tie all of your online presences together.  Write a post of interest on your blog, then post if on your Facebook profile.  Make sure to list and link to your website and your Facebook Business page in your blog post.  If you have a Twitter account use it to link and forward your posts to your Facebook Profile to get the most mileage out of each post.  When I post on my blog it updates my Twitter and then Twitter updates my Facebook Profile.  My Facebook business page updates my Twitter and Twitter again update my Facebook Profile.

The most important rule of maximizing the impact of social media is get over yourself.  People don’t care all that much about you, UNLESS it benefits or is of interest to them.  View each post from the outside, not the inside.  Read Your post as your client, not someone who is involved in your business or deeply cares about you personally.  In marketing, as in business it isn’t about you it is about the service of others!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 9, 2010.

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