Don’t go to a Fat Doctor that tells You to Loose Weight!

Credibility, is speaking with your actions, not with your words.  Parents have a hard time with this dealing with their children, “just say no to drugs honey” now hand me my Valium bottle and my glass of wine!  Religious people have their moments with this as well. You see them on Sunday Morning (or whatever day they worship) and you would think they are related to Mother Theresa or something, but the rest of the week if you cut them off in traffic, come to a parking place at the same time or get in the way when they are trying to get to a Great Sale and they act a little less “Saintly”  I once had a Doctor tell me to lose 10 pounds, but he was thirty pounds over weight and smoked!

We all know how to act when everyone is watching, it when we think no one is watching that is the true test of our character. In our own profession I have seen some very high-profile speakers being sponsored by Kodak one year trashing Fuji (back in the days of film) only to be sponsored by Fuji and trashing Kodak just one short year later.   I have seen speakers get up and talk about a portrait idea that were so costly to do it had no business merit, but it was cool and made the attendees of the class think this was the way to go.

I guess this goes back to the old advice that people who are successful have always given, never take advice from anyone who isn’t where you want to be.  My doctor is a thin 60-year-old vegetarian woman who rides a Harley, she doesn’t just preach, she lives it.  Whether with my sons or away from them a glass (not a bottle) of good red wine and a nice cigar are as strong as my vices get.  When I learned from a photographer I make sure that they not only can take pretty pictures and have large sale now and then, but run a successful business selling what they are showing at their programs or books.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 8, 2010.

One Response to “Don’t go to a Fat Doctor that tells You to Loose Weight!”

  1. Very well said. I see all the time, not just in the world of photography, credence given where it was not deserved. And “do as I say and not as I do” only goes so far, right?

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