In Social Media, Timing Can Be EVERYTHING!

As the people using social media get more friends and followers there is a huge amount of information passing through their news-feeds.  With only five friends you will see a majority of posts with several hundred friends even the most diligent social media user is missing a great deal of what’s going on.  Timing is getting more critical.  You have to post things for your potential clients (friends and followers) to see at the times when they are most likely to be on the social media site.

A good example, I have two Facebook Profiles, one for my studio clients (which are high school seniors) and the other Profile for you guys my, Photographer Friends.  Posting something in the morning is a waste of time for the high school senior market, most of them are either in school on the weekdays or asleep on the weekends.  I typically make a small post on my blog each day and then share it on my “Senior” Facebook about 9:30 or 10pm, before I go to bed.  Because the number of my Senior Friends at that time of night is so high, I will see the counts on the blog go up several hundred in just an hour or two because that is the time they are active on Facebook and looking for things to see and do.

Photographers on the other hand are usually like me and about to go to sleep at that time of night. For photographers, posts work better early in the morning and earlier in the day.  I often share the same post several times throughout the day since I have friends all over the world in different time zones (so if you ever see the same post twice you now know that I am not trying to bore you!)   To figure out the best time to make you posts, simple look at your chat book on Facebook to see how many people are online and what market they represent.  For the average studio, that works with different types of clients, you will probably find that each client type of client has a certain time that most of them are online.  Just like my senior go onto Facebook in the late evening, new mothers with children probably are higher in number toward the middle of the day, when the baby sleeps, between when the husband leaves for work and comes home (just guessing here but you can find this out easy enough)

Since I brought up sharing the same post multiple times, a little trick to not seem redundant to the friends that saw your post the first time is to use a different thumbnails each time you re-share the post.  You will also find the thumbnail that is shown will make a huge difference the in response rates.  Just last night I share a brief post about the impact of the right shoes for ladies in personal or professional photos.  The first young lady was beautiful and had on the coolest high heels.  I wanted to add something to the post, so  I re-shared it and changed the thumbnail to a senior in fashions boots and the numbers went crazy.  This also helps when selecting photos for other types of advertising!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on March 5, 2010.

One Response to “In Social Media, Timing Can Be EVERYTHING!”

  1. What is your facebook page for clients? I searched and nothing turns up?

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