Don’t Use Geek-Speak in Your Posts!

As more people use Social Media for advertising, many professional photographers, (even professional photographers that Speak on the subject of social media) fall prey to the greatest of all advertising/marketing sins NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE READABILITY OF YOUR MESSAGE! If your grandmother (that can read English) who knows nothing of texting, social media or even computers couldn’t read your message and understand it, you are using “GEEK-SPEAK”.  It is the text-messaging, lol’s, bff”, the cryptic hash markets and abbreviations that only social media geeks understand.  Twitter is responsible for most of these marketing blunders (with its 140 characters) people to try to reduce every word into a word fragment or unusual abbreviation, combined with cryptic references to other posts, comments, blog and websites.  It may be needed on occasion when using Twitter and posting to other geeks, but I see these goofy posts on Facebook (that allows over 400 charaters) and on posts to clients on Twitter.

Social Media geeks are so proud of themselves that they don’t use all 140 characters and can understand messages in Geek-Speak, but it is just like the Trekkie’s that speak Klingon (I hope I spelled that correctly). You might impress other Klingon speakers, but you have just posted something that the average person in your target market can not understand.    Use simple, plain English, with excepted abbreviations that a person with an 8th grade education could understand.  Write your post as short as possible then go back through to reduce the word count without affecting “simple understanding”.  A marketing message should never rely on a potential client speaking Klingon or Geek-Speak.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on February 23, 2010.

One Response to “Don’t Use Geek-Speak in Your Posts!”

  1. hey we’re both using the same base wordpress theme on our blogs LOL (tho i’ve modified mine a fair bit)… just about to subscribe to this blog, looking forward to picking up marketing tips 🙂

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