Other than a man’s wife, children and family, what is the thing closest to his heart?  His Harley or Custom Motorcycle!  There is a reason they say “My Baby”.  When I bought my second Harley I looked around at all the men in the Harley Store.  The look on their faces gave me a flash of inspiration, why not offer a program, similar to the baby program offered by many child photographers.  We worked out the details with the Harley Store to offer a free mini-session with each New Harley sold and a small portrait to keep.  Each person that called in we could sell a larger session to and larger portraits when viewing.   We would ask for a credit card to ensure the Harley Owner wouldn’t do a No-Show (in which case the card would be charged a cancellation fee).

We photographed a few clients before we started the program to use in the advertising, studio displays and packets provided to each Harley Owner.  In those first few sessions we had good news and bad news.  The good news was it was a great idea to increase monthly revenue doing something (other than seniors) that I enjoyed.  The bad news was that while many new Harley owners would want a portrait with their new motorcycle or even the bike alone, some Harley Owners wanted to include their wife, which was fine, but some of these ladies wanted to wear some very, very revealing clothing.  We directed them toward more tasteful clothing, but I saw this was going to be a problem for us.

Understanding that we specialize in High School Seniors, in a conservative area, these two clients types weren’t going to work in the same studio.  And given my personal feeling about women’s fashion (and that is the shouldn’t make the woman look trashy) I found it was a great idea, that wasn’t right for us, but it might it might be right for you!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on February 23, 2010.

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