Men Pee Standing Up!

Men pee standing up and let’s be honest sometimes miss their target.  Men tend not to worry all that much about these errors in aiming or the little messes they create.  Women pee sitting down which gives them time to notice things, like which way the toilet paper is coming out the roll.  They especially notice the “errors in aiming” of the male members of the household.  But this is the way it is and the way it supposed to be.  Through understanding the differences in our own natures we can appreciate each other and more importantly learn from each other.

By learning from women, men can learn that even though men pee standing up, the bathroom is place that others that don’t stand up have to use too.  They can try harder to aim, wipe up if they miss and appreciate the bathroom doesn’t smell like urine.  Women might learn from men to take life just a little bit easier and that happiness and tranquility isn’t determined by the direction the toilet paper comes off the roll.

Men and women were made differently for different jobs in life’s design.  Many couples spend their time with the woman trying to get the man to be like her, (great two emotional people in one relationship)  and the man tries to change the woman to be like him (a home that looks like your college apartment with pizza, french fries and Slurpee for your children’s dinner!)  Life works best when we appreciate each other and use the best qualities of the other person to improve ourselves.  People’s greatest accomplishments have always been rooted in trying to impress the one they love!

Some people might think that today’s post has nothing to do with the business of photography or success, but I would say it has everything to do with your business and your success!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on February 20, 2010.

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