Managing Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a newer means of marketing that most of us are learning as go and grow.  Managing your Social Media Marketing is ultimately about managing your list of friends and followers.  We all get started into Facebook and want to add friends to increase our reach and effectiveness as quickly as possible.  If you manage your friends like most people, you quickly start climbing toward that final number of 5000.  Facebook is new to most business people and yet many photographers are already to that 5000 friend maximum.  This is the reason why so many educators of social media say to grow your lists organically, meaning slowly over time, hand selecting and making the best choices when it comes to who to befriend or follow.

We are Americans, we want big numbers and we want them fast, right?  I am no different, it is exciting that I have 8 to 15 photographers a day requesting to be my friend, but as I top 4000 photographers, I see the end in sight.  Managing you friends properly is why I have always suggested having more than one profile set up.  I personally have two profiles, one for my photography business and one for photographers because of my books. This keeps my posts and comments directed to the right group of people without boring the others.  Close personal friends and relatives I call, because quite frankly I couldn’t handle a third profile just for them.

Even with two profiles they are quickly reaching capacities.  I could start telling everyone to become  a fan, but the functionality of the business page is limited and managing that page become another ‘to-do” on my list.  We all come to a point when we have to consider Un-Friending and Un-Following some of the people on our social media streams.  This is a time consuming pain in the neck, so hire a high school kid to do it.  If you use twitter you can use an application called “friend and follow” to find out who you are following that is not following you back.  To be honest, my twitter was a mess.  I started my twitter account when I knew very little about social media.  I decided to use it to help market my book Achievable Wealth, so I start following the people who make up the market of success book buyers.  That didn’t work out well, so I decided to tie twitter into my blog and Facebook for photographer but I am a talkative guy and to get posts into 140 characters and to try an understand the cryptic signs and letters in most posts drove me nuts.  This just created a larger mess.

I finally went to friends and followers and saw what a mess it was.  I was following a weather man in Scottsdale who wasn’t following me back, why?   So I started un-following all the people who weren’t following me who I really had no reason to be following in the first place.   I then went through my list of people who were following me.  There were many photographers and people I do business with, there were also a great many young women that thought I needed to find a date, as well as every Peter, Paul and Mary trying to tell me how to raise my twitter numbers.  I found I hated twitter so much because my list sucked!  Slowly I have (well my employee has) been weeding out the “weeds” (that might sound bad but what do you call selling Dates ‘with women-not the dried fruit’ on twitter). Slowly I am connecting with more people who I share a common interest and can even understand their tweets!

Both my Facebook profiles have also been in need of some managing.  I have had photographers on  my Facebook for photographers that don’t speak English.  Until I learn the languages of the world or they speak English a lasting friendship or them being able to read my books, posts, blog or understand my video clips isn’t going to happen.  My Facebook for our studio can also be reduced.  We only photograph high school seniors.  Once a senior has graduated they might have a family portrait done (which I do) but if they are a friend that never used the studio in their senior year, the chances of them becoming a client afterward probably isn’t going to happen.  Another interesting thing for your employee to do as they edit your social media list is to go the profile of some of the people who are not clients and see if they are a fans of other photographers.  There are seniors that will be fans of 2 studios and a half a dozen student photographers and soccer-moms!

The more you manage your friends and followers the easier it becomes to use social media to market.  You cut out the ‘noise’ and distractions that can complicate using social media to market your business and communicate with your Friends.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on February 8, 2010.

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