We have all heard the photographers talk about the importance of getting displays to showcase their work constantly to the public and I agree.  Our studio has displays in various places throughout the year and most of the displays have always been paid displays.  Malls, theaters and every other area of mass congregation has space available to advertise your business.  In many malls the price of a kiosk can easily be more than your rent.

Free displays have been limited to smaller business and boutique with limited traffic and limited results (unless you are lucky enough to have living, talking, human billboards that is a salesperson for your service in the small business).  Since we are in a recession, there is an abundance of retail space that is vacant on every street in every town.  Malls and high-end shopping areas have always covered the windows of their vacant spaces with a window graphic to look like a business is planning on opening in that location (so it wasn’t so obvious that they had a vacancy).  With all the available retail space and all the vacant buildings that don’t put graphics over their window to hide their vacancy, why not provide the window graphic as a display for your business.  You get the exposure for only the cost the printing and the owner of the property has a more viable looking retail location.

We have several of these displays going up in the next month in high traffic spots in the areas we advertising to the most. As you look for these kinds of displays, don’t waste too much time with the real estate agents.   To be effective you have to get to the owners of the retail space.  If the property is bank owned or owned by a large investment group I would skip over these spaces as they take longer to deal with and there is more red-tape. You are looking for Local Owners,  Once you find them, they will always ask how much you are will to pay for their window space.  When the subject of money comes up, simply explain that you have the cost of printing the materials and that these window displays may only be up for a short time if the space is rented (and follow will how much better their center will look with no vacant windows). Retail window displays are a way to get your work and studio name out before a large number of potential clients.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 28, 2010.

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