A Photographer’s Website…Beauty or Irritation?

When designing a website everyone has some very definite opinions.  I know I had my options which led to some of my clients seeing a lot of images and being impressed, while other clients were complete frustrated trying to get the information they wanted.  Photographers, being an artistic bunch, often choose Flash, which allows their web person to create slide-shows of your images, some even with music.  Some of these slide-shows are very impressive to the first time visitor or the potential client that knows nothing about your business and is just shopping around.

Website design has to do more than showcasing your images.  Let’s say I am a person who knows about your studio and today is the day that I decide to give your you studio a call for a business portrait, wedding, child’s portrait (whatever).  I am sitting in front of my computer and you have a domain name which is easy to remember (www.johnbrownphotography.com-to the person that has this domain, great job you made it easy to remember).  I typed in your domain and it goes to your site.  How long and how many pages and or selections do I have to go through to get to your phone number?  Do you follow the large corporations and hide your phone number to funnel people through your email?  Your phone number and email link should be on every page on your website, even your first page.  Yes it isn’t visually appealing (at least if done improperly) but it is necessary for those people who need to contact you, after all this is the point of the website, and your entire marketing program?

You have to look at your website’s functionality as well as it visual impact.  While shoppers will appreciate (sometimes) your flash and the visual impact of your website, potential clients and returning clients what to use your website to get the information they want as quickly as possible.  Today more than ever before web visitors to your site will become easily irritated, sometimes even to the point of going elsewhere when they can’t get simple information easily.

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~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “A Photographer’s Website…Beauty or Irritation?”

  1. Hey Jeff, I also find sites that do not say where they are located. If I am looking for a wedding photographer and I find a site with great photography, but I cannot tell if they are even within 300 miles of my location unless I send them an email and ask where they are located. Perhaps I am willing to spend $4,000 on photography, but no I don’t want $2000 of that cost to be plane from California to Cleveland and back, plus hotel. Is it worth my time to send out a dozen emails just to find out if they are within driving distance? NO, I’ll just look at the ones that tell me at least their region.

  2. I get turned off when a site does not have a bio.

  3. to: Peter,
    are you actually looking for a photographer? or are you just trying to put yourself in the shoes of a consumer?

    anyway i also think its stupid when a photographer doesn’t have their phone number, or their address (at least a po box geez) or even the location where they reside…..as you said, then the consumer will know if they are local to them.

  4. Why do some photographers put on their website that they have offices in multiple cities? i find them to be braggadocios just trying to pump themselves up. like a photographer in seattle has……. Seattle – Los Angeles – New York …..as if they were some big fortune 500 company LOL!

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