Only Advertise Your Studio’s Client Benefits

Advertising today is full of meaningless “buzzwords” that can apply to almost any business or in or case photography studio.  You have the “artist” talking about their art, the introverts saying,  “here I am,  if you want to come to me (no pressure of course)  and the sales people taking the Tijuana Sales approach yell out, “over here, it almost free”.

Consumers don’t care about Your Art, Your Business or Your Specials until they understand what benefit those things are to them.  Advertising that uses platitudes, or general statements that could apply to any business like yours don’t impact potential clients because we are all artists (I guess), we are all in Business and your special could be discounting crappy portraits that no one wants!

To many photographers talk about what they perceive as their “unique factors” without converting those unique things about into a benefit to the potential client.  An example, one of my unique qualities is that I can make anyone look beautiful (I have written several books about it) but that doesn’t matter to them other studios could claim the same thing!  Converted to a client benefit would be, “You will Look Beautiful in Your Senior Portraits…GUARNANTEED”  Not to many studios can say that and back it up with a guarantee.  You can see this is true when you look at the website of photographers, they take pretty picture of pretty people, they never show the not so pretty people and what they end up looking like!

Advertise Client Benefits and don’t use headlines that can apply to any other studio and you will see better returns in your advertising.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 20, 2010.

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