When you use direct mail to advertise to your client base, you manage your client lists, dividing your clients into what category of business they fall into.  Managing lists reduce the cost of mailing (because you are just targeting those clients that might have an interest) and the reduce the irritation of clients that have no interest in what you are advertising.  Potential and repeat clients are, more than ever before, resentful about all the “noise” or in this case the advertising that isn’t directed to their possible interests.

Then we turn to Facebook, where “noise” in advertising runs amuck.  I have always suggested that people separate out their pages for business and personal use, as not to bore the socks off of either group, by having posts that are either too personal or not personal enough.  All of us use events to advertise something special, but few business people take the to manage there lists.  I know this because as a 47-year-old photographer in Ca. I am constantly invited to special events all over the world that I couldn’t attend or events that I obviously wouldn’t have an interest in (wallets special on senior portraits, ETC.)

You can use the “lists” feature in your Facebook friends dialog box and categorize your friends by their potential interests (photographers, family, babies, seniors, families, wedding/engagement, ETC.)  For us we categorize our seniors by school and school year, this way when we have an event we don’t send an invitation to people who have absolutely no interest.  This does take time and is not a good use of your time if you have employees.  First you have to come up with the categories that will allow you to break up all your Facebook friends into targeted groups for advertising purposes and then create just those lists.  Then every Facebook friend should be added to at least one list (you can add a single person to as many lists as you would like, example a senior might go into your senior list but might also go into your family list.

By you or an employee actively managing your friends list you reduce the messages that irritate your friends and lessen the likelihood of friends “tuning you out”, labeling you a spammer or even un-friending you because of all the events and noise you creat that they have no interest in.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 18, 2010.


  1. That’s exactly what I do! Great article!

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