Many photographers learn a certain way to photograph and they almost never deviate from that established routine.  They then wonder why their work gets less than rave revues from their clients.  They start hearing words like ordinary or average to explain the images from the sessions they create.  In today’s market there is no room for average or ordinary images.  High school students and soccer moms can create ordinary images, why would clients pay more for your ordinary images than theirs?

To change anything starts to change everything.  This is what some average photographers worry about and what more creative photographers that don’t want to get “stuck in a rut” realize and count on.  You have to understand the only difference between a rut and a grave is just a few feet!  Something as simple as changing your perspective or changing lenses to optically change your perspective.  Most photographers shoot everything with a typical telephoto that is standard for portraiture.  Once you do those standard shots, why not change to an extreme wide-angle or an extreme telephoto to change the perspective and look of some of your images.

Many photographers shoot at a standing height, not because it is the best angle, but because it is the most comfortable to photograph at while standing.  What if once your were done with those images that offer you “creature-comfort” are taken, why not raise or lower the angle to change the perspective and again change the look of your photography.  In every session, I will be laying on the floor and standing on a latter at least a few times to capture a more unique  perspective.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 18, 2010.

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