Don’t Put Round Clients in Square Wholes!

Flowers are many different colors and every color appeals to different people.  It would be a boring world if everyone saw things just like you.  Many photographers confuse “their style” with providing clients (with tastes different than their own) with final portraits that are suited to those tastes or client preferences.  I think if photographers would spend as much time trying to create portraiture to fit their client’s expectations as opposed to trying to convince the client why “My way is better” our profession would see a huge growth in sales.
The “My way is better thinking” is always associated with photographers that have the “Artist” mentality.  They don’t create portraits for their clients; they create “Art” which their clients are fortunate enough to own.  Why any photographer would call themselves an artist is beyond me.  Do you know I look up “rich artists” and I didn’t find one! While a few have made a living, almost every artist dies penniless or working at a job so they can do their art for their own enjoyment.  Maybe these “artists” of today have spouses with great jobs, but my wealth depends on me creating, for each client, exactly what they want and being smart enough to know when what they want isn’t really what they want.
I wanted to include this young man’s photos because I didn’t question what why he wanted to include masks and handguns (Air-softs actually) in his senior portraits.  I could of refused to take images that have handguns in them.  “This looks like a gang-image or something, Damn-It-To-Hell!”  ( last part a quote from my moral grandfather when he adjusted his halo)  Give me a break, what is the difference between this young man who was recreating a Japanese Cartoon Character and a Cowboy Dude with his shotgun and hunting dog.  Always remember flowers are lots of different colors and whatever color of flower your clients like really doesn’t, their money is just as green!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 15, 2010.

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