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In business and especially in the photography business right now there are things that all of us wish would could say to our clients without offending them or appearing self-serving in our message.  In our profession, more than ever before perspective clients have a variety of price and quality options to select from.  They can hire anyone from an experienced professional photographer that charges $150 for an 8×10 to a high school students that will charge his friends/subjects $7.50 for an 8×10 (the word ‘subjects’ here takes on a whole new meaning!).  As a consumer, clients need to understand why there is such a difference in price between one photographer and another and why simply going with the cheapest photographer isn’t always the best.  SAMPLE POST

In this economy everybody is looking for the best Value in what they buy.  Value isn’t just about price, but also the quality of what you are getting for the price you have to pay.  You buy a pair of designer jeans, on Sale, you have raised value of what you have received for the money you have spent.  In selecting a photographer for senior portraits this isn’t always an easy process, since the portraits taken of you will vary so much in the quality (or how good you will look in the portrait) from one studio or photographer to another.  You can probably pay as little as $10 for an 8×10 portrait, but if you don’t like the way you look, you have just spent $10 and received nothing of value in return.

There are certain services in life that you don’t really want to go to the cheapest service provider or professional.  Grandmother wanted to save a few bucks and went to the cheapest Lasik Eye Surgeon!   As you can see it didn’t work out very well.  She now can’t drive and scares the grandchildren!

Edward didn’t think picking a dentist was very important so he just went to the least expensive one he could

find.  He now can’t find a date!

Susy thought she could have anybody take her senior pictures.  When Susy saw her pictures after the session she realized that the photographer didn’t know what she was doing.  Susy’s mom wanted to capture her expression when Susy first saw her senior portraits!

This dramatization of fictional characters is not meant to make fun of mature women crossing their eyes, guys

that don’t brush their teeth or seniors that make decisions based on Price and not Value.  Each year we photograph countless seniors that went to just anyone for senior pictures and hated them.  They finally to come to us because they knew they would look good.  These seniors have wasted money (sitting fee of the first photographer) and time.


To judge the value of any photographer or studio you have to judge the quality of the work they produce.  Look at an entire senior’s session or many photographs from the same senior/same session.  ETC. ETC. ETC.

This time of year we do photograph so many seniors and hear the horror stories from senior and parents of going with the cheapest photographer.  Seniors will usually tell us that their parents were being cheap and knew of a guy/girl that would meet them at the park, photograph them and then give them all the images on a CD for $75.  When they received the CD they have a bunch of snapshots that look like the mother took her into the backyard with her point and shoot camera.

In this sample ad, I am not making fun of less experienced photographers, I am telling the prospective consumer to understand what they are getting for their money, to look at sessions and  multiple complete weddings not just a few good single photos of different people.  I have seen the work of many young photographers and they are truly talented and bring a fresh look to their portraiture.  I am basically reminding them, BUYER BEWARE!

This same humorus approach can be used for any subject that is a little hard to approach.  When you create a post with humor make sure to keep in mind the benefit to the perspective client, not just being humorous.  When this sample post was posted it had a huge responce from our seniors, because it was generic enough to help them select “Any Photographer” and not just a promo to make our studio look better.  The only “plug” for our studio was the comment “they came to use because they know they would look good”, the rest of the post was to help them get the best value in senior portraits whether through us or another studio.  I actually got the idea for this post from Jeff Foxworthy on Comedy Central when he talked about times when you don’t want to decide on the cheapest professional service provider.


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