SPA HIGHLIGHTS-A convention worth attending.

This years SPA (Senior Portrait Artists) is over.  The two most memorable moments for me was watching Larry Peters Singing along with the Doobie Brothers and Kirk explaining the 3 aspects of a sexy picture.  He said, “you can have sexy clothes (the model was in a swim suit on the beach), you can have a sexy pose and you can have a sexy expression, but with seniors you can only have 2 out of the 3, if you have all three it’s too much” and then he had the model smile big and it softened the look of portrait a great deal!

I have owned and operated my studio for over 25 years and written 12 books on photography and it’s great when I can go to a convention at this stage of the game and come away with away with many usable ideas for my business and photography.  Andy, Kia and their entire family do an excellent job putting this whole thing together.  I am looking forward to next year!


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 7, 2010.

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