Senior Portrait Photography Handbook is Now On Sale Everywhere

My New Book, Senior Portrait Photography Handbook is Now on Sale Everywhere.  To order it on you can click on the Book/Link.

Here is review off the Amazon Site:

5.0 out of 5 stars Must have book book for Seniors Photography, January 4, 2010
By D. Waiters (Dallas) – See all my reviews

Get this book.
I first must admit that I have read several of Jeff’s books and the bar is set high. This book is excellent and provides a outstanding value.
Let me provide you with some highlights from this book.
1. Many people do not read the introduction to a book, I read this one and it helps give you the authors road map.
2. What it means to be a professional photographer,
3. Chapter 1, Senior Portrait Market, he goes into the demographics, defines seniors and teens, and provides good insight and a practical examples of Contract and Non Contract school photography, that other authors have missed.
4. Chapter 2, Creating the Experience, 7 power pack pages. Selling the Experience, how he handles the Selling Process and the most important part, the WHY. This part of the book has made me rethink and take a hard look at my own selling process and how it could be improved and why.
5. JPEG vs Raw and why he shoots jpegs for a good part of his workflow.

I believe that if you or a friend really want to grow your Senior business
and you are open to listening and applying some new ideas, then this book is for you.

As a matter of fact a group of us are taking this book and using it as a study guide and we will go chapter by chapter and review, and try the principals that are outlined and see how effective they are.

I like the fact that Jeffs talks about the business of making money and not about photography toys.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 7, 2010.

One Response to “Senior Portrait Photography Handbook is Now On Sale Everywhere”

  1. Ordered from Amazon. Received your email delivery of your wordpress blog about SPA highlights. Great to know that you are a lifelong learner willing to improve every day. Also ordered another of your books. After I read through these two, will see how many more I want to buy.

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