Can TWITTER Be Used Effectively For Photographers?

The one mistake I see photographers making when it comes to Social Media Marketing is trying to use all of the Social Media Sites, as well as actively blogging making the average photographer feel like they spend more time generating content, than running a business.  Each social media site and blog you create takes time, not only to generate content/post photos/videos,  but to actively increase the number of friends/followers.

Each Social Media site works best with certain types of clients and has an over-all personality (if you will) which makes it easier or harder to work with depending on your and your personal preferences.  Personally, I love to talk, I love to write and I find it difficult to keep my posts to 140 characters, which makes Twitter more difficult for me to use.  While I use Twitter, I use it to market my books, not my photography.  We specialize in senior photography and Twitter isn’t used as frequently by senior age people.  Combine that with photos not being visible (twitter links to photos which senior age people are sometimes reluctant to click on) and the number of short tweets in each person’s twitter stream and twitter isn’t as using friendly for what photographers want to achieve in using a social media site.

Twitter is more effective when your target market is the same demographic as you or your potential clients are the same age, income level and education as you (the photographer marketing to them).   Many business owners use Twitter as nothing but an announcement board for every sale, special and lure to try to get each follower to link to a secondary space which will try to sell them something.  When using twitter you actually need to engage your followers on a more personal way, which is why you want to look for people to follow and follow you who are individuals using Twitter for personal use not business people using it as a marketing tool.

For us Facebook is a much better choice to market to seniors.  Tagged photos and links have visible photos in the News-feed which allow our seniors to see our images and thumbnails of videos without having to click on a link.  Additionally the number of quality seniors using Facebook is much higher than any of the other Social Media Sites.

Automation and updates can make it easier promoting your Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.  With our seniors,  will add blog post for our senior clients and then post the link on our Facebook.  That feeds new seniors to our blog and we link Facebook in our blog to get seniors from our blog to Facebook.  For our photographers (to help market my books) we have a blog, a Facebook and an account on Twitter (as well as YouTube and, more about those later!)  When I post an article on my blog it automatically posts an update on Twitter, which in turn updates my Facebook Status. When I add something on Twitter it again updates my Facebook.  These automated updates make it possible to take some days off and not post on every site, every day.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on January 5, 2010.

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