The human face, each one is unique.  It is the beauty and the personality of every person that sits before your camera.  With years of diligent study you can get to a point that you can make this little area of the entire human body look better than it does to the eye and rightfully so, since it is or should be the focal point of every portrait you take.  In my newest book, Head and Shoulder Portrait Photography, I discuss the importance of this type of photography since it makes up so much of what actual clients buy.  Shouldn’t we be the most skilled at what put the most money in our pockets?

This is one area that students and teaching professionals have in common, since both are typically in a hurry to get head and shoulders portraits done to get to the more exciting full length poses.  Not only are full lengths seen as more fun, there are also easier to hide the obvious signs of poor lighting and by the far the hardest to light correctly.  Student photographers and young professional should master making the face look beautiful before they ever worry about full length poses.  When photographers don’t learn to master the head and shoulders poses they never learn how to master lighting and they never will focusing their attention on full length.  You have to see the effects of your lighting on the face, especially the eyes.  You have to see how the ratios of between main light and fill light work with various shades of skin and facial structures.  Only when you can make the face look stunning is a young photographer ready to deal with more of the human body.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 24, 2009.

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