Do You Allow Portrait Visitation?

Do your polices and sales procedures allow Portrait Visitation?  Some Studios don’t have any structure in their sales process or fail to inform their clients of the process of ordering.  What do clients do when they don’t have structure in the sales process, the put it off for a long as possible.  You will set up an order appointment and they will cancel, so you will reschedule another appointment.  They actually show up for the second appointments, but their husband couldn’t come in this time, so they want to view their images but they will have to make another viewing appointment.  They call before the next viewing appointment and say their husband can’t make it on the scheduled day, but their mother really wants to see the portraits.  This is portrait visitation.  You don’t make moneywith portrait visitation and in fact you actually lose money.  It takes your or your staff’s time and that costs you money.

As most of you know we have a high volume, medium-higher priced studio (I like that combination) so we have our clients view immediately after the session.  If we had time, I would love to do projections, but I personally would do it right after the session is over.  After years in business and trying about every possible way of presenting images to a client we found (by keeping records) that somewhere between 10-15% of clients will not return or not return in a reasonable period of time and I can only imagine in this economy that number is even higher.  On occassion we have a client try to turn the sales process (even after all the information we provide) into a portrait visitation program.  When this happens we allow the client to view at a second appointment after they select and pay for the senior portrait package they want.  At this point if they want to put off the viewing for six months it doesn’t matter, I have profitted from the session.  This is the key no matter how you present your images and why minimum print orders can work so well.


~ by jeffsmithbooks on December 13, 2009.

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